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I'm Gabriella Gál, interior designer.  

I worked as an economist for many years, it is by chance that I got into my interior design career.


As it turned out, I bought an apartment that needed complete renovation. I got started with the works without any professional background or experience.

After overcoming innumerable difficulties (designing rooms, transforming spaces according to their functions, discussions with the workers about the feasibility of my plans, researching materials, coverings, getting acquainted with construction-related concepts, and I could list more...) the apartment was finished.

Then, talking to friends, it turned out that what was a difficult, challenging task for many was a fun, joyous task for me. That’s when it occurred to me to change careers.  

I graduated from the Style House Creative Arts Private School with a degree in interior design and decoration.


However, the world of numbers has not disappeared without a trace from my life: the thoroughness, precision and attention to detail required for my career as an economist are essential in interior design as well. Just think of the high level of accuracy required for a demolition, a construction or a furniture plan, for example.

When the decision to become an interior designer was made, I recalled that I was always attracted to activities that required creativity, I was always interested in materials, textiles, colors and shapes. I could cite a long line of baby clothes, children's clothes sewn on the basis of Burda magazine's tailoring patterns, as well as carnival costumes, decorative elements, wall protectors and decorative pillows. So maybe the switch isn't so surprising after all.


These attributes, that is, precision, attention to detail and design together give me the joy of creation and - since every apartment, house, office, shop and every customer is different - also the joy of variety.


As a designer, my goal is to help you turn your ideas into reality, to shape them into a feasible plan, and to turn your apartment into a home, by working together with the utmost consideration of your personality and needs.


Feel free to contact me so we can turn your dreams into a plan and the plan into reality!

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