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Comprehensive planning is not always required.
Many times the customer already has a concept, they have time to do their research and to choose the right items. But sometimes one can get stuck - and that's when a consulting session can help to gain momentum once again.
Consultation may also be needed to change the features of your home: for example, changing the floor plan of the apartment, creating a home office space, designing a children's room, or in fact transforming a children's room into a room with a different function.
But you may also need advice if you get stuck in your kitchen or bathroom design, or want to pre-assess the potential of a property before buying it.

What does this service contain?

- Advance consultation on what you would like to ask my help on

- Two-hour in-person or online consultation with sketches and drafts

- Discussion of concepts

- Smaller, "one-room" design

- Recommendations for purchasing supplies

Fee: 39.900 HUF

Any additional hours started 20.000 HUF​​​​​​​​​

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