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Interior design
Premium service

- Personal consultation
- On-site survey, consultation, planning program
- Consultation with co-designers
- Functional space organization, designation of living spaces, floor plan with furnishing in multiple versions 
- Digital 3D visuals

- Lighting plan: marking of lamp stands, other electrical stands

- Consignment of luminaires

- Furnishing plan, custom furniture on request

- Covering plan

- List of materials, consignments (sanitary ware, coverings)

- Contact with suppliers and manufacturers

  Construction organization on request

- Quote requests from contractors

- Consultation with the contractor, on-site supervision

- Continuous consultation and contact with the customer during the construction works

Fee: 14.000 - 19.000 HUF/sqm

The prices are for information only, I will always give a final price offer after personal consultation.

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